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Lie Detector

i actually had to get periodically hooked up to a polygraph for 3 years after getting out of prison as part of of the terms of my release...i still rank it as The 2nd Worst Thing i ever had to go thru...other than the wife dying on me

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by possum

submitted December 10th 2015

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well wow
3 years ago
What was the lie detector like?
3 years ago
im sure its just like on the movies
3 years ago
over here we have thing like SOPO (sexual offences prevention order) which I guess is similar to whatever the American's have, follow rules etc.
In prison some people are forced onto the SOTP (Sex Offender Treatment Programme) which along with therapy sessions involves having your privates hooked up to a machine to monitor you while you listen to bullshit kid stories.
My ex was part of a child protection agency so heard a lot of things that I wish I didn't regarding this crap
3 years ago
3 years ago
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