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Redneck steals racecar

thats took balls if u ask me.


by Stephen

submitted August 18th 2006

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Why does he automatically have to be labeled as a redneck?
12 years ago
It was a stunt by the cars sponser....the driver didn't know about it, and only a few track officials knew thats why his buddy was taping it.
12 years ago
Disregarding the footage there, all he needs now is a car that can turn right and he's set for life.
12 years ago
I think that is classic!
Good job, he knew he can only get a tap on the wrist for something lik e that and was smart enough not to go on the main track.....my verdict...WELL DONE!
12 years ago
well, considering he wasn't going to go anywhere with it and, what, like what would he do with it if he did get away, sell it on e-Bay? Seems more like an attention whore....
12 years ago
Sorry guys, but this is fake. Not kidding, either... it was shown on ESPN, and they acknowleged that it was indeed staged.
12 years ago
...now that's what OJ should have done.
12 years ago
From a legal stand point, it does not matter if they get the car back or if there was no where to go, he technically stole the car. If it was real, he could have been prosecuted just like someone who steals a Benz and sells it to a hack shop.
12 years ago
Ya, it's fake. Saw it on the news last night. It was for a commercial set up by thse sponsors.
12 years ago
"... but the funniest thing was that the black gas-man gave him fuel after 5 rounds"
12 years ago
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