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Fight in the streets

some dudes mess with the wrong Limo and their ass whooped


by Stephen

submitted August 18th 2006

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All talk no fighting. This video is a waste of fucking time.
12 years ago
Where are the terrorists when we need them? White kids, in wifebeaters, in a limo, starting fights, Jihad plz anyone?
12 years ago
What's all that white trash doing in a limo in the first place
12 years ago
bodies hit the floor, to d.f.s. watch the whole vid dipshit. ur a waste of breathe.

and jizzcannon owns u d.f.s. he made me giggle.
12 years ago
All that over a little dent in the side of a limo? What would have happend if the used a bat? Grow the fuck. For Real....
12 years ago
heres how it WOULD go if that were me in the limo..
*kick*...WTF was tht?
I *get out*
*gets back in limo....
end of story
Think Im jokin?
That vid was a joke...each side all scared and shit...fuck that...
12 years ago
dude stfu.
12 years ago
Why did it take so long for them to fight? At first it look like a jr high yelling match.

You gotta love white trash though, they can be so entertaining.
12 years ago
Dont talk too tough on the internet, you might scare someone.
12 years ago
Was that voice at the end part of the song or the cop?
"you lost your crew! You lost your teeth? You're fine, you'll be all right jack, you'll still be able to eat all those carrots and all that!"
That's some funny shit for a cop to say!
12 years ago
i think he said he lost his keys, could be wrong.
12 years ago
those werent white ppl those were probaly like some mexican gangsters
12 years ago
all i saw was a bunch of greasy mexican wiggers dancing a ho down in the middle of the street. then they started brawling for no apparent reason.
12 years ago
Damn rich mexicans...
12 years ago
very weak .. no good blows landed. Too much talk.
12 years ago
rofl I thought like some blacksuit aristocrats would jump out instead of mexican monkeys.
12 years ago
If dat was me in that limo, I get out, fucking wammoblat. For real. Fuck. Over.
12 years ago
If that was you in the limo, you ass will get bum rush away from the limo, towards somebody home w/ a phone so you can call the police.
11 years ago
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