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incest..... incense..... damn words are so close

fries will love this play on words


by MetalGear

submitted November 30th 2015

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its hardly a play on words... shes just dumb
3 years ago
this is just stupid.
3 years ago
no... you're stupid
3 years ago
how long did that take you to type.
3 years ago
3 years ago
just accept you're the euro whunu.
3 years ago
Can't we all just get along?

Besides, kids are the ones that are fucking stupid.
3 years ago
with oster, lol nope
3 years ago
I will never complain about my life again after seeing this pathetic thing.
Or some family member should jump out of the closet and incest her.
3 years ago
It would smell like beach wood.
3 years ago
but the memories....
3 years ago
Memories of incest on the beach.
3 years ago
she has others videos, going on about asexual
3 years ago
I can have sex with my sexy cousins because I'm adopted. YAY!
2 years ago
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