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Creepy crawly

What the hell? Spider..insect?


by whunu

submitted November 26th 2015

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its got hands
3 years ago
it could do the filing in the office
3 years ago
3 years ago
seems a bit fake. It's all floaty like cgi
3 years ago
even CGI spiders are potential face-eaters - kill em all
3 years ago
It looks like an asshole
3 years ago
It's an Amblypygi. Look it up. Not sure if spider or tailless scorpion. Either way it's harmless to humans according to wiki
3 years ago
tailless spider...
3 years ago
Either way it moves like a motherfucking ninja
3 years ago
it's as ugly as whunu.

I take that back, that's rude to the spider.
3 years ago
like how calling your mum a heffer is insulting to cows
3 years ago
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