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Chris Rock on The Daily Show

Chris Rock gets interviewed, pretty good stuff!


by yak

submitted August 17th 2006

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I like Chris Rock and the Daily Show but i find its never that funny when two comedians talk to eachother, just constant ass licking and laughing at shit jokes.
12 years ago
^ I agree. Conan is the worst because he has such a great sense of humor that when he tries to go down to a guest comedian's level he looks like an asshole.
12 years ago
Some of it wasn't too bad actually.
12 years ago
i laughed.
12 years ago
He's great
12 years ago
That "Keep my girl off the pole" joke was funny when he told it during the Reagen administration.
12 years ago
oh look chris rock centering his humor around racism... gee wiz... what a shock.
Chris Rock is one of the bigest racists around.
Yet, of course, it's accepted, cause, he's black.
fucking niggers.
12 years ago
Chris Rock must be prejudice against black people then, cause he makes fun of his own more then anything
12 years ago
I love the daily show and i dont mind chris rock but that was fucking boring, I didnt even bother watching the whole thing. It was like they were trying to be as mundane and tame as possible. And Chris rock is past his prime too, he hasnt done anything remotely funny in the last couple years.

@rexford, do u actually think conan has a good sense of humor? i used to watch his show a lot but his jokes get so repetetive and his need for constant improvisation to kill time gets old too.
12 years ago
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