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Nasty Puss Coming Out of Nose

Eww, looks at his finger nails too, disgusting as hell.


by KaKaFiYaBaLL

submitted August 17th 2006

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WTF thats why u use soap and a rag. that was a blackhead and they normally come from not uing them items
12 years ago
12 years ago
/me offers him some deep pore cleanser.
12 years ago
Got proactiv?
12 years ago
wtf indeed
12 years ago
WTF was that strange noise? Wasn't the pimple. unless there is a new type od pimple that collects gas.
12 years ago
Sometime when I do it, the yellowish shit that comes out of my nose smell's cheesy..Like cheese..
12 years ago
that was actually the cook at the last restaurant you ate at
12 years ago
this doesnt beat the one from jackass
12 years ago
^^^bichofelix Pops n Sniffs!?!?!?
12 years ago
Yup, you should try it sometimes..It's nasty..for cheesy
12 years ago
^That reminds me of this guy I knew in high school. He had zits all over his face and when no one was looking, he would pop his zits and then sniff them like cocaine. Once we realized what he was doing, we started calling him "Poppinum Sniffinum" (like popping them sniffing them) or sometimes just "poppinum" for short. It was so fucking disgusting.
12 years ago
My nuts smell like Mannus in effect, My Asshole like sweat and shit,My arm pits like sweat and mustang. Fuck, but the smell of pussy turns me on..Yum..
12 years ago
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