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Amazing Flash

This is a pretty original and cool Flash concept


by LostProphet

submitted August 16th 2006

what do you think? let everyone know!
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The kid who made this won alot of money from ebaums world then he gave it back. What was the deal with that?
12 years ago
is this just coming to mucho? I was gonna submit this like a month and a half ago; but us muchosuckians (?) are so ontop of the ball I figured it would have been old news...meh
12 years ago
It is a repost.
12 years ago
that was pretty bad ass
12 years ago
Again, not everyone checks the internet 24/7 for new content. If it wasn't submitted here and people call it "old" who gives a shit. Not everyone checks other sites for shit. I've never seen it, and had no one submitted it here, probably never would have. I loved it too, therefore Im glad I didn't miss out.
12 years ago
^ With the greatest on this. I only have time to hit one site like this and I like this one. It's all new to me.

This was cool. Looks like a macro virus hard at work.
12 years ago
best ive seen so far...
12 years ago

The flash was posted here roughly two months ago. Still a good watch, whatever form it's in.
12 years ago
its funny cause like theres a million people who say repost and then theres a million people who say theres no point in typing repost. god damnit i hate this planet
12 years ago
Brazillian boys have the biggest Pee-Pees!
12 years ago
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