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Fat kid dancing

A fat kid with bigger tits than your mom's dancing to "Too Sexy"


by lexicon_devil

submitted August 16th 2006

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I recomend skipping this vid. It wallows in a sea of lameness.
12 years ago
MOOBIES!!! (man boobs)

This obviously confirms that the internet is the greatest thing to ever be created.
12 years ago
Wo das fette das Tanzen Zicklein?!! Ich wünsche das fette tanzende Zicklein!!!

(...get it? I'm that German kid... Ha haaaa hmmm :P )
12 years ago
^huh? who says this kid is german? and I can say that makes no sense at all from that little bit of german that i speak.

whatever, you probably just snooped too much on your boyfriends asshole last night! or your maybe just happy to have a new video you can fap to..
12 years ago
That little fatty needs to get his faggot ass beaten!!!!

Oh, and Booddles you cock gobbling cunt :P
12 years ago
Be honest , who here fapped to this?
12 years ago
His German makes a bit of sense. I suspect the reason it looks funny was because it was via a translator which doesn't take context into account hence "fette" instead of "dick".
12 years ago
Someone, somewhere is getting off to this fatty boombah's homemade strobe jiggling.
12 years ago
He needed the excersise. As for Booddles, he's basically hencing the edited video Angry German kid vs buma buma kid or w/e. "Dance fat man, Dance!"
12 years ago
He does the truffle shuffle better than Chunk!!!!!!
12 years ago
@ IamTheGreatest
Bingo! Too bad no one else got it... :P

And yeah you guys, I did use a translator... Why learn german? I don't work at a VW Auto Shop... (which are quite busy nowadays cuz VWs are having quality issues)
12 years ago
Why do people do that to themselves?
12 years ago
Gay porn for pedo's
12 years ago
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