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Video of pics with soundtrack


by whunu

submitted October 25th 2015

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luther sound intro
2 years ago
Paradise Circus by Massive Attack
2 years ago
* this comment has been transformed into a random dead baby joke *
What do you get when you dislocate a dead baby's jaw?
Deep Throat.
2 years ago
Peace Sells. Megadeath
2 years ago
I enjoyed luther, shame it aint come back yet
2 years ago
I looked it up,looks like it could be a good show.
2 years ago
100% accurate describtion
2 years ago
"video of pics" does not make sense really.

a normal person would call it a 'slideshow'.
2 years ago
keep it simple stupid
2 years ago
your face is simple
2 years ago
and stupid
2 years ago
now that was a one-two punch!

* Steven_Seagull high-fives tinksi *
2 years ago
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