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Treadmill Dance Moves

I dont even know...


by LostProphet

submitted August 16th 2006

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Fags jumping around on treadmills AWESOME!!!
12 years ago
very clever. I wonder how many times they had to start over.
12 years ago
that was cool pilo and dirty are just mad because they couldnt do it
12 years ago
These guy's are cool
12 years ago
i was actualy doubting to submit this, but submitted Scarface in 13min's instead.
Yak propably likes this better, little wonder he lives with a (dude)
12 years ago
For the ones who dint saw the movie already<<<<<<
12 years ago
Why did they do this? To put it on the internet that some 13 year old kids think "Wow dude, this guys are fucking awesome dude" ?!? !!
12 years ago
Original. Would've laughed if someone doubled the speed of the treadmills 1/2 way through the routine..
12 years ago
one of those guys looks like Pee-Wee Herman, figures
12 years ago
impressive choreography, original idea, but would have been better if they had at lest two of those guys replaced with hot girls. Anything to tone down the gayness factor is always helpful.
12 years ago
I don't know about this one, but they used to do the other dance (http://youtube.com/watch?v=6dJEa44Wgtk) live at every show. That's pretty hardcore.
12 years ago
Ok... GO! GO! Now! MOVE!

Another Hipster Doofus Band. They seem like a Franz Ferdinand/Zutons ripoff (:P But who came first?)
12 years ago
one day, this will be reposted
5 years ago
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