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Nasty Wrestling Arm Break

another nasty arm break.


by Stephen

submitted August 16th 2006

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The guy who did looks like he's in more pain at the end.
12 years ago
he was they both broke there arm at the same time.
12 years ago
Yeah, the blonde guy crushed his arm beneath the other guys arm. Which, incidently broke as well.
God couldn't decide which guy he wanted to be in pain the most.
"Fuck it, give both of them a six week holiday!"
12 years ago
Arms are not suppose to bend that way
12 years ago
Does anyone who watching videos like this almost feel the pain? For some reason my leg hurts now.....
12 years ago
12 years ago
wow they both broke thier arms. what is the chance of that shit. must have been one hell of a hip toss. maybe if they hit the gym they would not have bones made of yogourt though.
12 years ago
Never ever post your arm when getting taken down kids.
12 years ago
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