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Mascot Gets SERVED!

I'm sure this is all set up, but I thought it was pretty funny. SERVED, SERVED, SERVED, SERVED!


by yak

submitted August 15th 2006

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Gay, gay, gay ,gay
12 years ago
Hahaha, That Michael Jackson fella cracks me up
12 years ago
that was funny
12 years ago
Definitely real. Funny. But not that funny.
12 years ago
dont fuckin watch this
12 years ago
^^jesus, are you only here to say everything is old?

are you the new sadrunner?
12 years ago
Actually the question should be, "are you the old sadrunner?"
12 years ago
Not everyone survey's the internet 24/7 you fucking piece of shit. Not everyone see's the same fucking things as you. Not everyone goes to OTHER sites to watch videos. No one is as big of a douchebag as you, so shut the fuck up.
12 years ago
I got served like that once, you never really get over it.
12 years ago
I said it on an earlier post too, but I agree: JONNYCHO is the new sadrunner. Fuck off to yer new fangled, on the cutting edge, sites then. Leave us hopelessly backward cretins to our enjoyment. It's not like you ever say anything interesting anyway.

And if everything is old, then maybe YOU should post something new.
12 years ago
I agree with Jonnycho. If you want to see old shit, there's a handy little section here: http://www.muchosucko.com/links4.html Go there and browse the scenery.
12 years ago
But I also would like Johnny Cho to STFU
12 years ago
^ What I live for your dumb ass could never comprehend. That's the best you can do?
"Ur GAY!"? Wow man, you sure schooled me.

And I'd rather live for the cock than have shit for brains.
12 years ago
lol johnnycho is getting mauled!
12 years ago
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