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Another ten down

Men being executed.


by whunu

submitted October 13th 2015

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oh well
3 years ago
such is life
3 years ago
These mother fuckers are already in the U.S. Ready and waiting to start this kind of shit here. We also have the Mexican contingent and thier thirty million gangs who do this as well. Mix in the pussy ass school and theater shooter massacre shooters and you have a well seasoned shit sandwich that we're gonna be enjoying.

But by all means keep adding gun free zones, cause ya know...they are working.
3 years ago
you should stop listening to glenn beck
3 years ago
Pffft... First world problems...
3 years ago
As we watch Rome burn.
3 years ago
Islam is the religion of peace and love
3 years ago
no that is hari krishnaism -
.. all other religions are "believe this or no cake for you"

only thing worse is atheism
3 years ago
good x 10
3 years ago
ohw can we shoot them all now or do we have follow somekind of list fucking basterds how do you like it?
3 years ago
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