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Death by rebar

Man trips and gets impaled on a rod of rebar.


by Squidley

submitted October 13th 2015

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wheres footage of said 'trip' ?
2 years ago
Did you notice there was not one speck of blood on the stair where his head was?
2 years ago
Good boy.....

No watermarks or links.

I'm impressed.
2 years ago
who cares white trash
2 years ago
Stairway to heaven
2 years ago
2 years ago
first time i've ever seen you do the asterisk thing correctly.

still terribly unfunny though.
2 years ago
Looks like he's just trying to get out of work to me.
2 years ago
This is exactly why I try my best to keep my stairs spike free. Those bastards just pop up all over the place though
2 years ago
Karma's a bitch.
2 years ago
that's one stylish way to die. Apart from the spike in the head, of course.

Could probably do a fashion photoshoot without the photographer knowing any different.
2 years ago
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