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3 Years of This Girl

At least she tried to keep the same facial expression for all the shots unlike that one guy that did the same thing.


by yak

submitted August 15th 2006

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i'd do her

matter of fact i'd do her for all those three years
12 years ago
that wasnt the same chick it was abunch of different ones chinesse people all look the same tho
12 years ago
I want to see a chick do this with her tits, so I can fully grasp the concept of gravity.
12 years ago
So old...

12 years ago
She should have stuck a money shot in there... you know, just for a laugh.
12 years ago
how about every shot with a different cock in her mouth?
12 years ago
I was expecting something to jump out toward the end. Guess not everyone is as big of an asshole as jonnycho.
12 years ago
There are times I would agree with opieduce04....
12 years ago
That was slightly cool, You could almost se her age a little in the middle there.
12 years ago
Im gonna do this with my facial hair growing and really impress you fucks. It'll only take a span of 3 days instead of 3 years. Flame away.
12 years ago
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