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Borat on Conan

Borat = The man.


by yak

submitted August 15th 2006

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Its only funny when the person he's talking to doesnt know, Conans a gobshite anyway he's an unfunny clown.
12 years ago
I need more Borat.
12 years ago
It's funny enough because the guy has no shame and can push the right buttons to get an uncomfortable reaction regardless of whether they know it's just a character or not.

Ali G with Posh and David Beckham was another good example.
12 years ago
With Borat i meant, but yeh its still cringe worthy still though when they do know .
12 years ago
Neither Conan nor Letterman or Jay Leno, though some material on Leno's show is funny. Conan annoys me, his stupid little dances in front of the camera , he rambles on like an idiot his jokes arent funny an he just seems like he's winging it all the time. And last but not least "ok we know your fucking Irish ".
12 years ago
Borat: The worst character ever.
12 years ago
He's not even funny and now my friend talks like him.
12 years ago
Yeak, like you have friends.
12 years ago
Has any one seen the show when he "interviews" the baseball team and tries to wrestle them? Priceless.
12 years ago
Why not the whole bit? Why is it edited?
12 years ago
Well, I'll admit I like Conan's schtick, but this Borat guy's rather annoying....
12 years ago
@j-sin: pure comedic gold
12 years ago
lol, I have seen that too. it's great. and conan is funny you twit
12 years ago
Borat say to "515-0000-9662 " : You are jew, yeS? You go to hell?
11 years ago
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