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Banned 90's commercial

Totally not Capri Sun or Pizza Bagel.


by Sinaitis

submitted September 29th 2015

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i think it was the right decision to block the comercial because of the nigger
2 years ago
Thanks to the change in mucho video player I now can't watch these on my kindle while I'm naked in bed
2 years ago
No one wanted to know the second half of that sentence.
2 years ago
Kindle isn't a dirty word
2 years ago
frie sees kids and he gets naked on the bed. Hmmm.
2 years ago
I wish I could see any
2 years ago
adobe flash player is most likely what you need
2 years ago
Update all the things.
2 years ago
FRIES, did you get it working?
2 years ago
recover password
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