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Used Condom

Old nasty prostitute trying to sell a used condom for 50 cents


by DangerousDug

submitted September 24th 2015

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Trying to trip a nigga up.

You know.
3 years ago
Hey James i asked you a question on another thread, but you weren't active at the time, did you get it.
3 years ago
the first condom were designed to be washed and used again so this aint no big deal
3 years ago
might as well fuck a leather shoe
3 years ago
The first condoms were actually made from sheep's skin.
3 years ago
what they don't say is where the skin came from. My money is on sheep minge skin
3 years ago
The exposure from this video is good marketing strategy. I bet that condom got sold. Advertisement works.
3 years ago
I wouldn't give her fitty cents to fuck her let alone buy a condom off of her.

* toolman961 would take a blow job in the dark though *
3 years ago
first condoms in japan wayback.made of silk and cotton homes.
3 years ago
you make as much sense as a chocolate teapot.
3 years ago
the condom material discussion was further up... fucking retard
3 years ago
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