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I love this song. By Liam Lynch.

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by KaKaFiYaBaLL

submitted August 14th 2006

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This song is fuckin' retarded.
12 years ago
I can't believe Liam Lynch made like millions of dollars off a video that probably cost him like what? 1,000 to make or something that should be a crime.
12 years ago
I agree with fatty and the emotionally crippled guy
12 years ago
Dude, I use to listen to that all the time.
IN FUCKING 2003!!!
12 years ago
is this the siffle and olly guy?
12 years ago
Lets see you make a video for a grand and then make millions.
12 years ago
i don't give a fuck how much money he made, or how much he made it for. he made it, and thats all that matters. and it's fucking solid gold.
12 years ago
I always thought that the vid for this song involved sock puppets. I think the puppet one is better.
12 years ago
Very funny. But not commercially viable. I mean he didn't even tell us how much his watch cost. He didn't have a cool hair cut. Where were the girls sexually objectifying themselves. Does this even count as music these days? ( yes I am bitter.)
12 years ago
theused18: hey ASS JUICE! I just waited 2 days to get my password practically drooling to make my first post. Yes, YOU made me finally register after 2 years of trolling, because YOU are a fag. (or a 14 year-old girl).

Who the hell actually types the word "like" as in "I can't believe Liam Lynch made LIKE millions of dollars off a video that probably cost him LIKE what?" ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? Have you had your first period yet little girl? Get back on the short bus, hike up your skirt, and be a biatch. You embarrass me. Now go make me a sammich. Cheese too. Do it. Now. Don't ever type like a little girl talks. Ever.
12 years ago
^haha.. he's probably just emo.
12 years ago
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