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The Wizard Of Oregon

i know what i know


by Limousin

submitted September 24th 2015

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I asked a pretty, young, homeless woman if I could take her home, and she said yes with a big smile.

The look on her face soon changed when I walked off with her cardboard box.
2 years ago
2 years ago
nice one possin
2 years ago
That's Possum BillyBoy?
2 years ago
I guess it's true then he's really homeless.
2 years ago
"No minors where harmed in the making of this film"
2 years ago
A homeless hoarder. Fascinating.
2 years ago
poor Punky :(
2 years ago
Guy with issues trying to get by in a tough unforgiving world. Good luck to him.
2 years ago
Making up backstories for other peoples subs now too?
2 years ago
ClintNorthwood has hit bottom.
2 years ago
Never talking
Just keeps walking
Spreading his magic
2 years ago
doo do do do
2 years ago
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