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Self Castration

The new nerve-wracking game to play when "Operation" just doesn't get the blood pumping anymore.


by makodragon

submitted September 11th 2015

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Beat me to it md.
3 years ago
hope you weren't saving it for a special occasion.
3 years ago
*date night with the wife
3 years ago
"Get out of the way penis, I don't want you to get hurt."

Go fuck yourself you bastard. What the fuck brings a man to do this to himself?
3 years ago
Seriously, though, this actually made me fairly dizzy and nauseous. I think it was that whole cavalier, 'pippity popity poop' fucking attitude toward mangling two of, what should be, three of his best friends. This is the only mutilation vid that has ever gotten to me in that way, so congratu-fuckin-lations!
3 years ago
He's tired of continuously paying child support.
3 years ago
He should have fried them up and ate them in a mushroom gravy.
3 years ago
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