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Cyclist vs Cops

I didn't really expect it to end like it did.


by yak

submitted August 12th 2006

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muchoworthynot muchoworthy
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aww.. I thought he was gonna die :( I'm very dissapointed.
12 years ago
Heh-heh-heh... fuckin' idiot cops.. AGAIN!!
Good for him - someone buy that guy a Harley!!!
12 years ago
Omg... You guy's are fucking dumb. That's obviously fake.
12 years ago
why didnt they shot his tire???
12 years ago
NASCARis00berc00l, the point of videos like this is so that people like you and I can see where we stand among the hordes of idiots.
12 years ago
I imagine this is how Lance Armstrong would make his escape after he kills his wife in jealous rage.
12 years ago
This is pretty cool, and yes it's obviously fake. The biker would have been pedaling at about 100mph.
12 years ago
ROFL@ chairman of the bored

That guys crazy
12 years ago
You dumbass... This is an edited version of another police chase where that yellow truck turns left and stops the criminal. All they did was edit a bike in.
12 years ago
LOL .... its just like San Andreas
12 years ago
Clearly, this cyclist is on steroids.
12 years ago
Anyone can look at the top of the trailers of the "twin" trucks and see they are different. It isn't rocket science, kids- more like bottle rocket science.
12 years ago
the clip is from another chase like nascar said and the "cop car" thats chasing the imaginary cyclist was the actual guy running away from the cops in the original video.
12 years ago
The static seems fake and you could kinda tell it was fake when the cyclist went behind a semi (from the view of the camera) - didn't blend in well with the edge. Not to mention when he sped up to miss the semi at the end... can't blame anyone for calling this fake.
12 years ago
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