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Worth it


Video and images of macabre content,hate filled,evil,blood,guts,and other shit.


by -RED-

submitted September 4th 2015

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i didnt see myself in that video..and i hate you plenty
3 years ago
It cut off too soon, i wanted to see if that fucker at the end was still alive when they were burying him.
3 years ago
It can't be good that I've seen a lot of those images
3 years ago
I left a few comments for you on the other thread, md, did you not see them? Also iv'e seen nearly all of the images myself,. Well what do you expect when we hang around this shady place.
3 years ago
3 years ago
And that was just Monday.
3 years ago
Upvote for Nina Simone....
3 years ago
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