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Fuck you you cocksucker!

Michael from the Bowmanville Zoo cursed at a baboon on live TV. Listen carefully to what he says to the baboon when he falls off of the pony near the beginning of the clip. I hope the baboon bites his face off one day


by loslobos

submitted August 29th 2015

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awww baby...
3 years ago
Sexy huh
3 years ago
'cocksucker' is what I call Mako
3 years ago
That's what they call yer mum at the pub, ya uphill gardener.
3 years ago
Gardener? The cunt can hardly walk
3 years ago
Roit, cuz 'is balls wuz chockers!
3 years ago
That wasn't appropriate breakfast television language I might add.
3 years ago
lol call a baboon a cocksucker you get your face bitten off.

I just called a pigeon a mincy faggot, what do I deserve? Decapitation by a thousand pigeon scratches by my pigeon overlords?
3 years ago
I can understand the trainers frustration, baboons are supposed to be naturally talented at riding pony back.
3 years ago
3 years ago
Haha, i was waiting for that.
3 years ago
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