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Smiley Japanese Song

Strange Japanese music video that captures the fun feelings of summer :p

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by yak

submitted August 12th 2006

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Japan's answer to Kari Byron... or something. :P

12 years ago
is it wrong that i enjoyed this?
12 years ago
i liked this and she was sooo cute
12 years ago
ya im not sure what was being said, but as far as a smiley song goes. it brought a smile to my face. thought the whole song was cute. and the truck chase was amusing too.

(i kinda half expected it to turn into a gang bang)
12 years ago
tired of the two finger salute those asians give. What the hell does that mean over there for them anyway?
12 years ago
Fucken' Japs

wuts with japanese and their fucking peace sign.
12 years ago
bahaha.. i was wondering what the hell i was doing watching the whole thing, then i saw the fat guy drop kick the girl out of the way of the truck and it made it all better!

p.s. I'd do her.
12 years ago
Yeah, that was pretty weird.

My favorite was the dancing probe. A thing of dreams. Ahhh....
12 years ago
"Japenese should have words that end in K or T any letter other that e and g" - RyoGA VeE
12 years ago
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