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You all right?

Horse kicks man in the face. Hell no hes not alright


by Squidley

submitted August 26th 2015

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No horse sense.
3 years ago
When this happens you check and see how bad it is. You get kicked in the face by a horse it means broken teeth, jaws, eyes put out, concussions etc.
3 years ago
I'm sure I saw a small unidentifiable object leaving his face
3 years ago
coulda just been shit kicked up from the ground though
3 years ago
Been around horses a lot.
My ex wife and I owned 4.
That was a big man for that horse,a big man in general.That horse was probably 16 hands,(average height),but I'd say with his size a bigger breed of say....18 hands would not have been a problem.
Not to mention he was far from being easy on the mount.
3 years ago
He earned that kick.
3 years ago
It is what it is.
3 years ago
It's okay, little buddy. Nobody read it anyway. *pats "RED" on his huge head*
3 years ago
3 years ago
* NixonsGhost scrolls up to read the RED *
3 years ago
You won't reverse electrodialysis.
3 years ago
*won't find.
3 years ago
You have to know what you're doing with a horse,what area to touch on the horse when out of its sight...unless it knows and trusts you,how to sinch a horse..(saddle).. Without upsetting it.
They're not stupid by any means,they'll bloat their stomach so the saddle is loose.
You just wait until they breath in then sinch.
They're like any other pet they'll get the best of you if you let them.
3 years ago
*tl; dr
3 years ago
I read it... it wasn't too long
3 years ago
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