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Some More Dry Ice Fun

Explosions everywhere!


by yak

submitted August 12th 2006

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haha... I know some kids who made a draino bomb, and it wasn't going off so the one kid went over to pick it up and it blew up in his face.. too bad nobody got that on video... haha.. stupid people make me laugh.
12 years ago
Why the fuck would you go over to it and fucking pick it up. "Z0mg! LAWL! IM GONNA GO PICK IT UP LOLOLOLOLOL WATCH DIS GUYS!" Too bad he didn't get hurt.
12 years ago
Fuck you.
12 years ago
lol @ JONNYCHO...
12 years ago
lol jonnycho, so true
12 years ago
haha the planes overhead.... these guys are officially terrorists launching paint cans at the plane
12 years ago
^lol.. good job shreck. Keep up the great work.
12 years ago
last 1 was explosive!!!
12 years ago
Yeah, stupid white people! Fuck 'em all...

... oh shit, I'm white... damn nee-grows! Bah.
12 years ago
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