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Cats have 9 lives,how many do married men have?

All I can say is this man is stupid to women


by -RED-

submitted August 22nd 2015

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We've all been there at some point
3 years ago
you havent
3 years ago
fake.... women love any gifts that have a housework theme
3 years ago
Never thought I'd see the day when Whunu posted something from Vine.
3 years ago
Whunu's too dumb to know what anything is on the internet.
3 years ago
i saw this stupid piece of shit on facebook..
fuckin facefuck
3 years ago
Yeah, they're under "Eh Bee." They're early stuff was somewhat funny, but now it's just the waiting for them to do the Disney movie deal and completely sell out.
3 years ago
if you're too afraid to say this shit to a woman, you've been pussy whipped into oblivion. Hope you enjoy wearing an apron.
3 years ago
Your old lady let you come home since she kicked you out?
3 years ago

as a matter of fact
3 years ago
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