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Chair-throwing debate

Aug. 8: A political debate on a Tampa TV station spins out of control, when two men, debating Israel, begin trading insults, one of the men storms off the set and throws a chair at his opponent.


by RyogaVee

submitted August 11th 2006

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For victory, FuryofaRagingStorm2 and his compatriots, ride the fury of the storm.
12 years ago
Big wow he throws a plastic chair .

Anyone else think this terror alert in Britian might be to scare everyone and forget about Israel and Lebenon. I was wondering when they were going to start scaremongering again.

12 years ago
Terror alert…….elevated.
12 years ago
Give him the chair!
12 years ago
dats how u handle that shit.
12 years ago
I believe either US or UK are gonna host another 9-11 esque attack, which will propel us into WW3. Wether its a false flag i dont really know, but I saw an interview with Bob Baer and he thinks there will be a big MidEast war in next couple of years. Dont be suprised is all im saying.
12 years ago
Actually Joe Redner (the dude who got hit) is one sharp knife.
Redner shot to fame as the owner of Tampa's 'Mons Venus' nightclub, which was the center of a massive legal fight over Lap Dances.

Redner is a leading authority on the 1st Amendment and lawyers from all over the U.S seek him out because of it.
Hillsborough County has wasted millions (if not billions) trying to shut down this man's adult entertainment businesses as well as his mouth.

I submitted a pic of a titty bar with a 'big ole Jesus sign' above it... that was this man's nude bar 'Rapture'. http://www.muchosucko.com/index.php?module=My_eGallery&do=showpic&pid=8960

If you do a google search on him you'll see most of the shit he's done.
12 years ago
"big ole Jesus sign' above it...." WTF?? YA'll will get yout punishment after death!!!!!!!!1111
12 years ago
I throw chairs at people for no fucking reason at all. What the fuck are you looking at?
12 years ago
That Redner is probably wrong in this debate cuz when the other guy asked to stay on the issue he wouldnt, i'd throw a chair at that fuck too, its a debate!! you talk about issues, you dont win by talking shit. what a fuckface! All hes trying to do is try and be the "alpha-male" and seem stronger, but talkin shit got a chair thrown at him HHAHAHAHA. if he did that in LA hed get shot. Hes thinks hes all tough but hes not, i think that fat guy could probably even wup that old redner's ass!
12 years ago
Wow, just when i thought stupid comments were.... Oh never mind. Enbeezy. What the hell are you talking about? Really? And fuz? What? Holy shit you two, have you been paying attention to anything thats been going on?

Fuz, why would Britain be trying to "scaremonger" everyone in the world? And what the hell does "hosting" another 9-11 attack mean Enbeezy? Who is involved? Do you have any evidence to back up your ridiculous claim?

WOW! Bob baer thinks there might be a "MidEast war" in the next couple of years? Holy shit! It's going on right now! The war in Israel and Lebanon is going on RIGHT FUCKING NOW! It's all happening right fucking now you two leftist fuck-twats! Are your minds so polluted with your hate America attitude and your utter and complete hatred for bush that everything you garner fed to you by daily coz and other leftist blog conspiracy sites?

Jesus on a bicycle people. I actually kind of wish sometimes that Algore won so that when all this shit thats happening now did happen you people would have nothing to blame Bush on because he would not be in office.

Oh wait! If gore won, then he would just have treated the problem like Clinton did. He would have ignored it until terrorism got so bad a real man would have had to step up to the plate. Someone like bush, who would not treat terrorism like a police problem.

"gonna host another 9-11" Jesus i hope you get fucked up the ass enbeezy. It's the only way your gonna see the light. Of course, you will just blame it all on bush anyway.

Holy shit this is rich. And very sad. "scaremongering." Jesus, it's guys like you that cry and moan that we didnt prevent 9-11!!! Then you scream and yell when the British actually do prevent something that could have been on the scale of 9-11. And when they do prevent it, then it's "scaremongering"

I swear with you terrorist loving fuck-twats not one nation USA or Britian or Israel can do any right when trying to prevail in this war. Jesus you people make me sick. You scream and call foul on everything we try to do. When will we ever get it right with you people? When we surrender? Well i have something to say for that, good god we have someone like Bush that will not surrender to people of minds like your rotted ones. THis is WW3! Wake up and smell the shit stains people!!!
12 years ago
12 years ago
Must be Morgellon's disease...
12 years ago
K-Billy wants Bush's lovechild.
12 years ago
K-Billy, I agree Bush sucks.
12 years ago
I can't wait for the day the UK just says, if your muslim you can fuck off. Im not racist but it's muslims blowing shit up, so send them all away. Fucks get given a new life in this country and they use it to try and destroy the life we have here. Cunts.
12 years ago
I see there's obviously a little more evidence to show something was going to happen, but there was a time when the terror alert was elevated all the the time for no apparnt reason.
12 years ago

K-Billy=Goatse =0= GWB a real man? WTF!!!!! How has Dubya being in office made the US a safer place? Americans used to be able to travel to muslim countries without having to worry about being kidnapped. But now this "real" man is in office and he has turned the world upside down. Why dont you take your head out of Fox New's ass and take a breath of fresh air. And when we do go to war with Iran I hope you enlist and get taken out by a IED, you piece of rat shit!
12 years ago
If I was taken out by an IED, then it would be because of your fellow brethren who put it there. You of course would do a dance and a jig I am sure while chanting Allah Snackbar. Just like you do everytime one of our guys gets killed you derka derka fudge packer.
12 years ago
Hahahaha fatty said he was about to hit him and then he does it.
12 years ago
The world is at war and will remain at war untill we are no more, most wars revolve to some extent around religious beliefs or creed or colour, this won't change all while we teach our children to hate creed colour and religion. Its a viscious circle should i tell my son dont hate people blowing his country men up? If not then am i encouraging his hate toward muslims? if i explain the reasons will i turn him the other way and make him a fanatic muslim, buddhist, christian?

Anybody got answers cos i sure as hell have not. viscious circle, i have taught my son to respect people I:E be a christian but like me i dont expect him to go to church thats his choice.

I think K-billy and enbeezy are right in the judgment of the state of the world because there is no answer. If you stand back and do nothing its wrong! if you do something its wrong you can't win.
12 years ago
Hey buddha i agree with you almost. Most wars in pre British empire were over religions. But this war against muslim countries isnt waged over religion. Its the almighty dollar that Americans, Israelis and Brits are fighting to protect. The corporate news will tell you that its over religion but its not. If they told the truth nobody would fight in the mid east. Because people without money would not fight for somebody with money. I am pretty sure K-Billy can agree with that. I dont hate America, this is the only country I know, I hate the people who turning our country into a laughing stock. I just dont understand people who are ok with that. I am neither left or right. I am for Right over wrong. And right now America is siding with wrong. When I was eighteen I actually supported Bush, because he was the Gov of state that allowed people to carry concealed weapons. I thought of all people he was about freedom. But now as the world turn, I know he is against freedom and about oppression.
12 years ago
Holy shit, enbeezy if you only knew how uneducated and how much of an ass you are sounding like lol. seriously read this...

"K-Billy=Goatse =0= GWB a real man? WTF!!!!! How has Dubya being in office made the US a safer place? Americans used to be able to travel to muslim countries without having to worry about being kidnapped. But now this "real" man is in office and he has turned the world upside down. Why don’t you take your head out of Fox New's ass and take a breath of fresh air. And when we do go to war with Iran I hope you enlist and get taken out by a IED, you piece of rat shit! "

I know that most of this sites members are liberal, and I don't have a problem with that, because at least there arguments are based on fact, yours however, is based on the shit you can pull out of your ass first. The only fact that you made is that you are the stereo-typical liberal that makes your party look bad. So basically STFU and learn to argue your point and not just "you piece of rat shit! " your opponent, moron.
12 years ago
Enbeezy, you said, "How has Dubya being in office made the US a safer place?. Americans used to be able to travel to muslim countries without having to worry about being kidnapped."

Oh really? And this is all "Dubya's" fault?

Lets take a look at your accusation. I am going to give you some examples before the Iraq and afganistan war of where it's so safe to travel.

-- November 1979: Muslim extremists (Iranian variety) seized the U.S. embassy in Iran and held 52 American hostages for 444 days

-- 1982: Muslim extremists (mostly Hezbollah) began a nearly decade-long habit of taking Americans and Europeans hostage in Lebanon, killing William Buckley and holding Terry Anderson for 6 1/2 years.

-- December 1984: Muslim extremists (probably Hezbollah) hijacked a Kuwait Airways airplane, landed in Iran and demanded the release of the 17 members of al-Dawa who had been arrested for the bombing of the U.S. Embassy in Kuwait, killing two Americans before the siege was over.

-- June 14, 1985: Muslim extremists (Hezbollah) hijacked TWA Flight 847 out of Athens, diverting it to Beirut, taking the passengers hostage in return for the release of the Kuwait 17 as well as another 700 prisoners held by Israel. When their demands were not met, the Muslims shot U.S. Navy diver Robert Dean Stethem and dumped his body on the tarmac.

-- October 1985: Muslim extremists (Palestine Liberation Front backed by Libya) seized an Italian cruise ship, the Achille Lauro, killing 69-year-old American Leon Klinghoffer by shooting him and then tossing his body overboard.

There is more, but I just wanted to give you some examples. So yah, sounds like it's all George Bush's fault to me. Or, that this sort of shit has been happening for years and years and George Bush actually did something about it which pisses off your taliban loving durka ass.
12 years ago


http://www.ifamericansknew.org/index.html <----- This is the reason why muslims no longer like Americans. Do you support America or Israel? Cuz 6billion of your tax dollars goes to them, which could be used here in America.
12 years ago
Oh i just read your comment on that you are an american. SHA! No way! I cant even believe you had the balls to admit that! Oh! And you supported GW at the first! Wow! That means your mind was rotted pretty well in such a short amount of time! Makes sense though....

But really dude. If you care what the world thinks of your contry, then you are doomed to fail. Take france. No matter what you do with that country, they will always hate us. When I was over there in 99' they treated all americans like shit. You think we should care where we fit on their popular list? Take Iraq and the middle east. When have they EVER loved us? How much money do we shell out for countries like africa and the like? And still we are hated. People hate us until they need us. Look, if you care so much about world opinion then you are just asking for an ass raping.
12 years ago
You want know whats really funny, American christians support a religion(Judiasim), that doesnt believe Jesus ever exsited. Yet muslims think Jesus is on par with Muhammed. I ask the question again, Who do you support America or Israel?
12 years ago
@K-Billy You know Nazis thought the same way and look what happened. So world opinion does matter.
12 years ago
For the first link. It totally makes my point when you believe what terrorist Bin Laden has to say, over what our president does.

Of course! Bin Laden said he wasn't responsible! Wow! That must be the truth then! Opps! If only he had said that instead of all the times in videos saying he was responsible. Oh yah, and the chanting of "death to America" over and over again was just really a hic-up. Totally credible Enbeeswax!

The second link. I like the banana fish, but this is nothing new.

And for the third link. Oh my god I laughed out loud. It didn't happen to mention anywhere in it's spin that the deaths were a result of reaction from Israel. As for the rest? Poor poor Palestinian! According to those graphs, they are the poorest sacks of shit ever. No wonder when they attack Israel they get their asses handed to them all the time.

anyway, it's been fun, but i have to get to work. Gotta earn a living you know. I dont get a welfare check hand out like you.

12 years ago
I support america and it's allies. btw i love it when a liberal has run out of all logical thought and his arguments have all gone to shit, he pulls out the "nazi" card. "well, your just a nazi, or nazi's thought the same way!"

Poor guy.
12 years ago
Who said the French hate America, thats the bollox your polliticians started that because they wouldnt invade Iraq, hmmm who was right now . Some might have the opionin Americans are loud greedy selfish and arrogant but then so does the most of the world, like for the last centuary yous have been fucking up the world for your own benefit, why would anyone think those things!

And before anyone starts with the world war crap, they got involved because they had to, not because they wanted to help europe out.
12 years ago
^ LOL! i love it when neocons like you try to make liberal sound like a derogatory term.
'Run out of all logical thought'? The liberals? Shit, as opposed to nut jobs like Pat Robertson? or any republican senator from the South?

I'm not liberal. i'm a proud Demoreplibercon. And you're nazi! :)
12 years ago
I just got out the sack to see what comments have been posted after my post. Again i feel that you all have very good opinions and we could all go round in circles debating this stuff. I am english i like the close ties we have with the US because i like many other UK citizens dont consider myself european.

That in itself speaks volumes, i don't consider myself european i am english, the scotish are scotish the irish irish and the welsh welsh. So we segregate our selves in to pockets when in truth we are all human supposedly of high inteligence.

Hence i feel this war will not end, when we encourage our kids to write on bombs and missiles etc (propoganda or not) we can not win. my son will play with any kid black white poor or rich. It is through the future generations that we can make change not through politicians.

Yes i know that some one will post some sarcastic comment about this post but i am a father and worry for my son.
12 years ago
People still support George Bush are you serious? How can you support him? Iraq will never be a democracy that sells us oil at a cheap price, they are religous fanatics. CIA gave more intelligence saying Iraq didn't have WMDs then saying that they did but Bush wanted to go to Iraq. The War on Terror is what any president would have done the War on Iraq is insane. Actually the war on Iraq made us lose our focus on why we were over there in the first place. I'm sure Enbeezy would put a bullet between the eyes of every terrorist he came acrossed.

Also, why is it that conservitives are more american when they are the exact opposite. I blame the media. America was founded on being able to question your government when such a blatent jackass as GWB is president. Progressivism and not conforming to everything your government does is american. So go back to jerking off to the american flag K-Billy and stop insulting everyone who doesn't because they are the true patriots.
12 years ago
K-Billy - take a Xanax.

12 years ago
^^ He is too AmeriKKKan to take a chill pill.
12 years ago
K-Billy for president... of THE WORLD!
12 years ago
Only a more SAVAGE NATION can survive!!!

<p>I'm with K-Billy
12 years ago
12 years ago
You'll never get a country like Africa to like you. Or a country like Europe, Or a province like the moon.
12 years ago
stop making war and stuff and let me play my Playstation.
PS: Europe is not a country. neither is Africa. The moon isnt a province.
Wankers1 you really made me laugh, trying to act serious besides those mature politicians. awwww. youre really such a sweet little idiot.
12 years ago
ahh, off from work and enjoying a nice fresh beer. So, what does everyone have to say? Apparently, when people insult America and insult GWB, I have to go with it because I have to allow people to let their animosity and hatred run rampant. Sure, it's your fucking right to be opposed. But it's my fucking right to question your logic and motives for trying to undermine what the US is doing in a time of war. And since I exercise that right, you call me a nazi and a neocon. Do you even know what a neocon really is?

Hey, I never said Conservatives are more American, it's just weird that we seem to care more than liberals do. Oh but wait, i am supposed to be dissenting and shitting on the American flag and since I have taken a stance on this position of the war with Radical Islam that means I am just a silly willy nazi. Whatever.

Aww bucknasty is mad that I can jerk off on the American flag! You see, he has already burned all of his and has run out. Hey buck you should try it sometime! I LOVE to cum all over Hawaii's star. It's soo much fun!
12 years ago
The sheer pwnage of K-Billy to those who oppose him is unmatched. Not even TiredFag has said anything!
12 years ago
First of all i said your jerk off to the american flag not on it. By calling everyone who is opposed to the war a terrorist it makes you look like a stupid redneck it makes no argument. You are a "flag sucker" by definition in the words of Hunter S. Thompson. What i'm trying to say is by looking at a situation with out bias from both points of view and deciding what is right is American. Not going along with it because if you don't your a traitor.
12 years ago
I bet the U.S. is gonna blow up the hollywood sign. That would send us hollywoodians off.
12 years ago
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