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Playing with explosives

Some amateur (I think) playing around with explosives. Looks like fun!


by Wario7793

submitted August 11th 2006

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12 years ago
it is a lame song...the lamest of all... i dont know...

you should´ve picked a cooler one
12 years ago
Fire and explosives are for complete pussies. Napalm and acid is where it's at bitch.
12 years ago
Napalm and acid as in the drug or what? =)

Ive done some acid in my time, had a real bad trip so i vouche to never do it anymore. I resort to explosives so I guess im a pussy now. =(
12 years ago
IamTheGreatestPussy? that just doesnt make my good name good anymore. I hate you johnny-ringo, you've ruined my day.
12 years ago
octanitrocubane is more fun, TRY IT
12 years ago
When people ask me how good high definition TV is I just tell them to look at this video and HD is the exact opposite.
12 years ago
fucking dumbass
12 years ago
The US was one of the few countries that did not sign the UN call for banning napalm in 1980. In fact there's a more modern version of it that mixes kerosene (jet fuel was initially used) and polystyrene.

Incidary devices rule!
12 years ago
Sweeeet! I want some.
12 years ago
"Raging for a Furry Cock" .. shut up.. you are gay.
12 years ago
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