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Super Mario Cart

Super mario cart transformed into real racing minus the mushrooms and shit. Sign me up


by DangerousDug

submitted August 11th 2015

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That looks awesome.
3 years ago
are they jst gravity powered? that way the fattest dude will usually win.....

sign me up!
3 years ago
Barret would so kick your ass
3 years ago
nah, i'm in the sweet spot, his weight would put too much pressure on the wheels and the increased friction would slow him down
3 years ago
An old friend in my hometown has a few carts like this-and a large oval basement with a smooth concrete floor. After hours was a blast, as long as nobody ran over your fingers.
3 years ago
I think the ones he has are called Roller Racers.
3 years ago
I want
3 years ago
so it's just regular kart racing..
3 years ago
And now they have to walk all the way to the top of the slide again.
3 years ago
wheres this ride? i want in!!
3 years ago
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