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Asian girl puking full vid


There was a vid on here a few weeks back of this girl puking in some guys salad. here is the full vid (as close as I could find) of these two doing other shit.


by -Morph-

submitted August 10th 2015

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Is that some squid I spy ? Seafood pukes are the best
3 years ago
She looks like Jen from the dark Crystal.
3 years ago
Missing the barf bucket and puking on the floor, now that’s beyond the pail.
3 years ago
HA !!! funniz cos pail is another word for bucket
3 years ago
God she has a talent.
3 years ago
Are you lonesome tonight...

* toolman961 remembers Elvis *
3 years ago
Ok, we are good on the Asians puking vids.
3 years ago
RIP Morph
1 year ago