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Strong Teeth

I've done this, except without a teeth guard.


by yak

submitted August 10th 2006

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I hate Brandy, I hate Hasslehof, I hate Mr. I wanna be simon...

I hate them all
11 years ago
You better not hassel the Hoff.
11 years ago
^^u damn right about that :(!!! hes my fuckin idol !

but i hate that fuckin bitch brandy too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111
11 years ago
I'd go out of my way not to piss off a Hungarian with a bite like that.
11 years ago
so? i can lift a car with my penis.
11 years ago
^ One tinker toy lifting another, I'm betting.
11 years ago
"Better than you" - Stone sour....... are you my government???

and thats fucking talent brandy hoff or faggotwannabebitchboy couldn't do that shit, haters.
11 years ago
this fucker was a bum in sea port village in SD and he used to do that fucking trick for change.
11 years ago
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