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Opening a Beer With Paper

KINDA like doing it with a lighter.. but with a piece of paper.


by yak

submitted August 10th 2006

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i opened a bottle,
drank it,
and then recycled the bottle by the time he was done.
12 years ago
Ima go try that...
12 years ago
Holy fucking shit. That was amazing. 2 minutes of folding a sheet of paper to pry off a bottle cap. I'm a bartender, and we have a few "amazing" tricks for opening a beer when you can't find a bottle opener. First, you put the edge of the cap against the edge of the counter, and with your free palm, you knock the bottle cap and PRESTO! You opened it in less than 2 seconds.
12 years ago
Not impressed. I can do that with my cock

Was that Negro Modelo or Bohemia? Both cervecas excellentes!!!
oh wait a minute, I'm American, I'm not supposed to speak more than one language.
12 years ago
By the way, I want to punch the asshole performing the trick for being so goddamn meticulous and anal during the whole folding process. Dont get me started on the way he unwraooed the foil... it was like his first time unclasping a bra.
12 years ago
12 years ago
not the same piece of paper, it goes off frame for a sec, and then he uses something else
12 years ago
How the fuck did he fold it so straight?
12 years ago
wow, big deal! i can open a beer bottle with almost anything: a deck of cards, a roll of duct tape, an axe, a knife, my teeth, my eye socket, hell those faggy screw off bottles i can even open in my bellybutton, a piece of paper...SO FUCKING WHAT???
12 years ago
i met a martial arts fanatic in a pub once and he claimed in all seriousness that he could kill someone with a rizla paper. i didn't asked how, but i made sure my tobacco stayed at the other end of the table - can't be too careful, i guess
12 years ago
steven seagull your a fag ..... ur such a badass... hahahaha

go die
12 years ago
^^ i´m neither fag nor badass, i just wanted to point out that opening a bottle with a sheet of paper is no great task. what i´d like to see is someone opening a bottle with a pack of smokes, that´s the one thing i never could do....
12 years ago
Wait, wait you haven't seen his next technique when he inserts some splinters of wood between the bottle and the cap and then drips water on them until the wood expands enough to pop the cap off. The video takes a few hours to watch but it's well worth it.
12 years ago
12 years ago
my woman opens my beer and gives it to me while I sit and watch my games. wonder if she uses this method, probably explain why she takes so damn long, fucking bitch.
12 years ago
fake the bottle was empty.
fake he was mexican, not white.
PS: normal paper is white, not black.
12 years ago
It is indeed fake.
check this out:

and the coin can be seen in the vid. just look closely.
12 years ago
so you actually care enough to prove it fake and take the time to crop down and host a fucking picture, you really are a fucking spic.
12 years ago
well, considering you were one of the blind - fucking dumbasses who actually believed that. yes I am a spic.

12 years ago
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