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Don't shoot!

Prank fail. Pranksters don't try this in the states because the chance of it backfiring like this is much greater.


by Dokujitsu

submitted July 19th 2015

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Fake as fuck
3 years ago
Youtube is filled with pranks like this in the States.

Also, fake as fuuuuuuuck
3 years ago
Said the fake account
3 years ago
it's not fake. it just hasn't transitioned to 'banned account' like all his others.

ain't that right, coolie?
3 years ago
This is the real deal hoe. Authenticious. 100% Official. the genuine article.
3 years ago
as real as this vid maybe
3 years ago
It's real to me, damnit!
3 years ago
All these loslames obsessed with alts
3 years ago
well, alts can be super annoying though. especially if it's people coming back that have been banned for good reason like puma, whunu or rollo.
3 years ago
Yeah, the teacher's pets can be just as annoying. It's also a barren wasteland when those spammy fucks aren't around.
3 years ago
there are no more teachers
3 years ago
Why can't we all just get along?
End the hate! No more violence!
We're all humans in different calibers.
Damn it Jim, I'm only a doctor!!!
3 years ago
Better safe then sorry.
3 years ago
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