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Halo Humiliation

For those of you who play HALO, you might be familiar with the various "victory" moves people do...


by yak

submitted August 7th 2006

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VVV go ahead sadrunner do your thing, gay as it may be...
12 years ago
..here come the "halo sucks" a-holes...oh, it will come lol

WoW> Halo fsuhdfouihoih hahahaha3897489urr tee ehee ufkc fuckc n00bs...I hate the internet
12 years ago
sorry. seen all these moves an more in past games. halo was old news the day it came out.

and wtf, WoW and halo are two different genres
12 years ago
12 years ago
12 years ago
No seriously, why is Halo popular? I never figured that out...

Is it cuz David Cross voices a soldier in halo 2?

12 years ago
I just focus on the killing part, when i play i humiliate anybody on that server, my name is ']['ommygun you loosers.
12 years ago
Alot of "ass to the body" and "jackoff" action - this will probably make some 12yo's laugh.
12 years ago
hey fuck you all, Halo I & II rocks!
didnt know that this crap was taking place in MP though.
looks like he was trying a few ways to take a dump on someone.
whoever thought this is should be shot into space, forever!
12 years ago
Hang on, I thought the dead people were supposed to be humiliated.
12 years ago
After you graduate college, see if you ever have time to play that shit again.
12 years ago
ok...is this just me or was that not just the gayest thing thats been on here all week...i want my 3 minutes back
12 years ago
Try to do this gay shit on CS and you'll get banned pretty quick. I never understood whats so hot about Halo. Its a ripoff of Bungie's Marathon anyways. Oh yeah and its gay.
12 years ago
IT"S A FUCKING VIDEO GAME!!! Any of you gay ass nerds who make fun of of other video games are... gay. I like Halo 2, by the way.
12 years ago
I like Halo but this is tooooooo gay.
12 years ago
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