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Fill Those Panties Up


Here's a fetish that you probably really love. I know you were hoping I'd post a video of a chick shitting in her panties, so I found a compilation of many chicks shitting in their panties. Enjoy, shit lovers.


by NemesisJames

submitted June 4th 2015

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I'm guessing it's mostly the same chick over and over. She shits at the same pitch every time.
3 years ago
she shits in f minor
3 years ago
More like do-D flat
3 years ago
And people say my music degree is worthless
3 years ago
why does it sound like that! my shits ar emostly silent other than a fart here and there and the sound of shit hitting the water
3 years ago
It's a white girl thing...
3 years ago
It's a diet consisting entirely of Pop-Rocks and Rice Crispy Treats (with LOTS of sugar).
3 years ago
This's girl's parents shoulda taught her to take her panties off BEFORE shitting.
3 years ago
But where's the fun in that?
3 years ago
I feel like jrob already subbed this but maybe i'm wrong
3 years ago
she must be popular at parties
3 years ago
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