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Southpark reaching for plot

I guess there almost done with this show. besides how you gona beat family guy?



submitted August 6th 2006

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what are you talking about? this is from the same one as before.
12 years ago
THEY'RE vs. THERE, is much like South Park vs. Family Guy. Those with a brain know that it is over already, those without believe that Family Guy is still funny.
12 years ago
I personally like south park better..but who gives a shit about my opinion on muchosucko lol..I DON'T EVEN CARE ABOUT MY OPINION, AH!
12 years ago
Yeah, this one wasn't one of their better episodes, but for the most part, South Park still rocks. Family Guy is kinda going down the crapper, but some of the episodes are ok. Oh, well, I don't care, they're still better than 98% of the stupid Anime cartoons out there....
12 years ago
M'kay i agree that these were not the most brilliant episodes but that is because there isnt much to make fun of now (or left) Oh i like southpark alot more but you dont care
12 years ago
family guy hasnt changed, its still the same moronic, off-topic jokes... its just that now south park has finally opened up everyones minds and now since another more intelligent animated show has made fun of family guy its made everyone question themselves and why they like the show. its a funny show in my opinion, but its not a smarter comedy like south park is now... but remember when south park first started it wasnt all about political and current issue humor, it was about gay animals and cow killing aliens and a kid getting killed in every episode.
12 years ago
stop it you inbred fuck
12 years ago
^^^ its best to just ignore him..

on topic: "Southpark reaching for plot" I love family guy but even the worst southpark has a better plot then family guy...
12 years ago
12 years ago
You think that's bad...

The dog on Family Guy is attracted human women... That's fucked up.

12 years ago
Meh, there both funny, compared to most shite on T.V. At leat we can say that South Park is a true comedy that genuinely doesn't give a fuck about who they offended. Just said a lot of things that were previously only thought.
Same goes for Family Guy.
12 years ago
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