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11 year old wunderkind is already a proffesional athlete.


by rigi

submitted August 6th 2006

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Yeah, but can he fight?
12 years ago
any who really snowboards knows that shawn white isn't cool. and dont say"ur just jealous" or do cause this is muchosucko....cause i am. shawn is like the tony hawk of snowboarding.
12 years ago
I'm going to "proffffffffesionally" cut someone's fingers off if they type the made up word "wunderkind" ever again.
12 years ago
And the Americans start speaking German. Never thought iam alive when this starts.
12 years ago
Wunderkind is german for "wonderchild" or something like it.

Also - he is ugly.
12 years ago
incest brings little sadrunners
12 years ago
That's it d4w3513y, I warned you. You're fucking done.
12 years ago
wuntachrkint, aus dgeuchrmanie
12 years ago
last post, ahahahahahahahahah. I cry myself to sleep
12 years ago
So, Shaun White takes the Winter X-Games and Olympic gold, then goes to summer X-games as a pro skater and finishes top 5 (as I recall... maybe not top 5).

Not bad.
12 years ago
and ruined video with awful soundtrack
2 years ago
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