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Pretty good shoplifter

Nifty stuff, carried off with confidence. Gotta love my Dad, I always said he was one of the best out there.


by McWoozy

submitted August 6th 2006

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he fucking sucked. he was obvious and got caught on camera.
12 years ago
I bet all he stole was the cheapest one too.

I thought most stores used that kensington lock on display models so you'd end up pulling the whole range off the shelf or you had to fight a table to break it loose.
12 years ago
damn shoplifters, get a fucking job.

FuryofaRagingStorm2, why do you want everyone to hate you more than they already do?
12 years ago
LOL gotta lough hard :)
12 years ago
The ones are display are gutted. All he got was the LCD and keyboard. No internal parts at all.
12 years ago
at least he didnt take the carton model.
12 years ago
In my shoplifting days I was fuckin stupid. One day I stole about 30 vidoe games from Best Buy, walked across the mall and got store credit at EB Games and them bought a Game Cube. Then I went back to Best Buy and bought Smash Bros Melee with my own money.

Don't do it kids, its not worth it. Unless your under 18, then its not so bad.
12 years ago

lol your story was funnier than the video
12 years ago
@ Tron, i beleive you, i had a hommie when i was 14-15 that would do that.
Fucking A
12 years ago
stealing 30 video games in one day from the same place? yeah right.
12 years ago
Yeah really, but leave it to Ryoga to have a bigger and better story though. "My friend stole 40 games, and then kicked the security guard's ass using Wu-shu-bull-shitzu karate. He got a rare disease call Anusgellitanitus that's sweeping San Fran by storm. I've got internet pics to prove that shit; plus my cat sees dead people."
12 years ago
lmao! :)
12 years ago
Fucking A, those last few comments by tron and johnny made me laugh so hard. I love you guys.

Tron, you're so original, i love it! =D
12 years ago
Tron87 :hates off to you.
12 years ago
Wu-shu-bull-shitzu karate

Priceless LMAO!
Im still laughing
12 years ago
he looked like an old man. Old people steal all the time and then use there age as an excuse.

"but officer, i'm oooold."

12 years ago
Back in the day my friends would get about 100 krylons from home depot every weekend. They just got some home depot bags, filled them up, and walked out.
12 years ago
Maybe not thirty but it was enough to get a Gamecube with only about five bucks to spend from my own pocket.

I got another story that better though.

Again, back in my shoplifting days, I took a trip to Six Flags in SoCal. We had a glorious fun time waiting two-three hours for each ride and at the end of the day i was surely feeling a little jipped. On our way out of the park, as we walked through the souvenier shop, i decided to take a souvenier. I got caught stealing a Marvin Martian keychain. In the end they fined me $250 and banned me from the park for three months.
The real shit kicker is that I was on a trip with my girlfriends family. Her parents had to come and collect me from the guards headquarters and the three hour drive back home was no fun at all.

I don't steal anymore.
12 years ago
The only thing I steal is hearts. :3
5 years ago
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