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Shark Surfer Prank

Asshole pushes buddy in and nearly gets his buddy eaten by a damn shark


by DangerousDug

submitted May 19th 2015

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Hey Dug, wanna go for a dive?
3 years ago
And if you had read the description on YouTube before you uploaded it, you would've seen that this was filmed off the coast of Ireland and that the animal is a basking shark...which has teeth that are almost microscopic and poses no danger to humans unless you scare them.
3 years ago
Hell no I don't wanna go for a dive. Shark looked scared to me.
* DangerousDug runs *
3 years ago
LOL as big as basking sharks get, they'd probably do their best to swim away from you. The one in this vid was probably scared of the boat coming at him at 25 mph.
3 years ago
Who needs enemies.
3 years ago
russian huh?
3 years ago
They did sound like they were talking with dicks in their mouths....so who else could it be but Russians. example PUMA ..... case closed
3 years ago
they all laugh like homosexials
3 years ago
I didn't realize this sub sucked so bad.......... well Mucho has spoken
3 years ago
fuck mewchoo
3 years ago
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