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The confidence in which Mulroney hits that lawn shot is pure skill at it's best. The timing of the ring fringing sent chills up my spine. In all my years I have never seen it done so smoothly. I thought "there's no fuckin way they're going to execute this threesome, let alone with such grace" unbelievable. I thought I had seen it all, until that riveting foot swept, how anyone can possess such natural talent eludes me. Well done chaps, well done.


by itsmadeofpeople

submitted May 19th 2015

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fuck you all

and please continue
3 years ago
That one chav was clearly cheatin! He clearly had his shlemmy in front of the galleywonk.
3 years ago
Is the ref Graham Chapman?
3 years ago
looks nothing like him.

also he's dead for over 30 years now
3 years ago
about 3 minutes too long. that's what happens when you have a premise but no jokes.
3 years ago
pretty sure i also just described drumrave's stand-up routine.
3 years ago
I have no idea what any of that was or if it was supposed to be funny or not.

That ending was a fucking joke, alright.
3 years ago
You watched it? Jokes on you, man
3 years ago
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