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such watch, many schadenfreude


by makodragon

submitted May 14th 2015

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@ 0.40 is what happens when fries rides his scoo-tah
3 years ago
I rides scooters good
3 years ago
1) That's funny. Them good-for-nothing niggers... Dropping shit on the ground... Hilarious!
2) Damn Polaks! They iz so sto0p`d!
3) Fucking faggot cannot hold his fucking beer. What a dork!
4) Fucking fat idgit, thinks he's a surfer or smth.
5) Surprise! Them stones be solid, faggot!
7) What's that? A roof-less tractor or smth.?
8) Russkies are fuckin' sto0pid.
9) Them metal-fuck-heads need to take their ritalin.
10) Gingers are more sensitive to pain compared to normal people, is that it?
11) Oh! Dumb... fuck!
12) Fooking sand-nigguhs, jeebus.
13) Who does he think he is? Maradonna?
14) Yeah! Fuck that bike! Balls are more precious than a fcking bike.
15) Cryng lil' biatch. Fucking annoying as shit!
16) Was that Punky?
17) Don't try to slide across shit when drunk.
18) What's taht? A Desert? In Australia, probably?
19) Russkies are truly the niggers of Europe. Or North Asia.
20) He should've saved his fucking testicles.
21) I bet that worker's a Mexican. Fkking beaners!
22) That's a deadlift. Literally.
23) Niggers ain't shit in anything but basketball.
24) Did he fart at the end?
25) Well, at least she's alive and well.
26) What's w/ dat blond g0y's motor skills?
27) That's right, douchebag! That's what ya get for driving a motorcycle! He fucking deserved it. Really!
28) Why is he touching his head? Is he trying to comprehend how fucking stupid he is?
29) Another blonde cunt. What a waste of genetic material!
30) Soccer sure is gay as shit. Or was it basketball?
31) Nice! I don't like the music on the radio/CD player, though.
32) What do those niggers do?
33) Blond = dumb. That's a fucking axiom!
34) Well, he's clearly alright. Lame!
35) Women should just stick to their kitchen/s as soon as they're born.
36) These people possess a reckless disregard to gravity or what?
37) His birthday is ruined but I guess he's too drunk to care.
38) What's that? A prank? Fuck... I haven't noticed anybody getting injured. Lame!
39) SHE is a failure. And a very fat one at that.
3 years ago
40) youre a fucking retard
3 years ago
The dude that dropped the beers should be beaten for alcohol abuse.
3 years ago
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