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Needle dick

That's not how bloodletting is done, son.


by Sprinkles

submitted May 8th 2015

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Clearly SFW.
3 years ago
So Fucking What?

I don't remember this in the movie...
3 years ago
3 years ago
You always try and keep me down,

-2 prosperity
3 years ago
damn it... I need all the prosperity I can get....
3 years ago
Give the noob a break, kirk
3 years ago
these videos make me dizzzzzzz
3 years ago
Why not, dumbass
3 years ago
Tinkles NOT SAFE FOR WORK you STUPID sonnofabitch...
3 years ago
His poor, poor wife
3 years ago
You should see the amount of blood she squirts out...
3 years ago
Apparently that Viagra kept the blood flowing to keep that 4 hour erection.
3 years ago
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