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Monkey biker


by chockolatesaltyballz

submitted May 6th 2015

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I see this dude riding around my town at least 10 times a day.
2 years ago
title is wrong you pig skin vendor..
its biker in front of a bunch of monkeys
2 years ago
he is gonna get so much monkey pussy
2 years ago
Quit stealing from Dave Chappelle.
2 years ago
what? hah, no dumbfuck, some of us actually have a sense of humour
2 years ago
manly because my race is purer than yours
2 years ago
According to muchopedia you are a Brit. Eh... I don't think so. White flight, remember?
2 years ago
nope but im sure youre gonna tell me
2 years ago
This is not gods way. Monkeys belong in trees or maybe Korn and thats it.
2 years ago
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