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tunnel traffic jam

truck destroys car in a tunnel traffic jam.


by Stephen

submitted August 4th 2006

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omg you are fucking kidding me! holy crap that black car is actually compressed inside the ass of the driver in front of him
12 years ago
Ya, they're gonna definately need some Aspirin after that one.
12 years ago
Jesus fuck.

Ironic, if he/she had driven more agressively and cut in in front of that truck on his/her left......
12 years ago
That wouldn't have happend if it was a white car and y'all know it.
12 years ago
man, i havent seen many videos lately that just make my mouth drop but this one did for some reason.. That was SOO much worse than i thought it was going to be.. all i could say was Oh my God..
12 years ago
btw that dude(or chick) is fucking Dead
12 years ago
i wonder how many pounds of shit the driver shat out when he looked up at his rear view
12 years ago
12 years ago
From Ogrish:

"July 31, 2006
4 killed in tunnel crash

Ledenik, Croatia.

3 days ago this crash occurred in a tunnel which serves as a major traffic route in Ledenik, Croatia. Some small occurrence further along the tunnel had cause one of the lanes to become jammed. The tail end of this jam just around a curve from oncoming traffic. Although many vehicles manage to avoid any collision, one dump truck driver clearly doesn't see the blockage until it is too late. The driver careers into the rear of a small car pushing all vehicles ahead into a pile up.
In all 4 people lost their lives and 3 were seriously injured."
12 years ago
´holy shit what a force. would have never thought that.
12 years ago
yeah this is great
12 years ago
so, there ARE black people in Croatia!
12 years ago
^Not any mo'!
12 years ago
Seems to be going slightly faster than real time... hmm... I am a genius.
12 years ago
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