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News story on girls injured on Round-about

Here is a follow up on the video that was released last week on the girls in the roundabout that were thrown out visciously after it was spun by a scooters rear wheel


by Caichee

submitted August 4th 2006

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I'm not so worried about kids seeing this and copying it. I'm more for tackling the root cause of the problem, imagination. Starve children of that and you'd see no more stupid stunts.

Kind of ironic when they talk about how easily it's broadcast on the internet by broadcasting it on the news too.
12 years ago
Do they not know that not every kid has access to the internet and now after seeing this which is a British nationwide tv station even more kids will try it.
12 years ago
[sarcasm] Interesting cause when I watched the news as a kid and saw the retards that lit themselves and or friends on fire and got hospitalized with third degree burns after watching bevis and butthead I went straight to my friend’s house and played with matches... [/sarcasm]

and do I even need to go into the hypocrisy of them showing the footage on there news program to the rest of the children whose parents actually took there advise and regulated what there child saw on the internet but thought tv was safe?
12 years ago
There is no follow up.

12 years ago
How ironic.
We are watching a TV broadcast talking about how we have already watched this broadcast. And to then hear the broadcast report that "Millions" have already seen the clip on the internet and that sites are making money from it.

Isnt the fuckin news making money running this very program ??

Gotta say - I hope parents dont allow their kids to mount motor bikes to playground rides and copy it since the "kids" should not have motor bikes in the first damn place.

Is it me or is the media 5 years behind whats happening in the real world ??
12 years ago
Fuz ::: Followup - Girl 1 finally had her head removed from Girl 2's ass. Injuries were minor, but psychological ramifications will last forever. :::
12 years ago
Fuck the news.

Somehow it's the internet's fault for stupid kids injuring themselves over their stupid pranks......and the parents are where exactly?
12 years ago
^^^ seriously why doesnt the new report on something intelligent like the lack of parenting now adays...
12 years ago
It seemed like they were having a gay time on that ride.
12 years ago
YouTube should take over myspace and shut it down, just to throw that in.

Those bitches should've just held on tighter. OHH IDEA!!!

When you try to copy it duct tape their hands to it!

I serriously just came up with that too, I gotta try it out now.
12 years ago
Why doesn't the news report on how gay the news is.

Cracks me up how the news is always taking these extreme videos and acting like they're going to kill you and then blatanly replay them for ratings. Its like the producers get a kick out of starting false fears.

PS- I hate niggers.
12 years ago
OMG!, what video did these kids see on the internet so they knew to do this. OMG! OMG! we gotta find that video.
Oh wait, no fucking stupid kids do stupid shit. It doesn't matter what's on the internet. And I hope more kids do this and break there stupid necks. I hope a mother puts a baby downing videos and a nanny shake the baby video. Less people, less job demand more money for me.
12 years ago
why wonder, this happened in england. 'Nuff said.
12 years ago
As I mentioned before, there's no chance MySpace would be taken over by the likes of YouTube when MySpace is owned by the devil incarnate himself, Rupert Murdoch ala News Corp.

It's just so satisfying watching "individuals" (in the individual versus sheep cliche) profess their self-styled individualism on a site which is owned by a media baron. Fuck if I was Murdoch, I'd do it too just for the kicks of seeing people supposedly hating me yet making me money.
12 years ago
kind of ironic how they have a news station interviewing people saying that sites like youtube should be shut down when youtube is one of myspaces largest competitors for users (being that almost all news stations everywhere can have ties drawn back to news corp) :P

i like how they broadcast pretty much the full video tho and then say that its the INTERNETS fault for kids seeing this... if a kid is stupid enough to try this after seeing the results i think you have a much larger problem on your hands... you'd think seeing what happens would be a bit of a deterrent :P

anyway... i completely agree i think the internet should be policed 24/7 and anything that those specific people feel is in appropriate be taken down with the force of swat teams set up around the world.
12 years ago
if they copy that they deserve a coma
12 years ago
Bollox the internet should be policed 24/7, where would the censorship end , eventually the sensors would be bowing to every whim by some crazy chritian who thinks porn is imoral and leads to rape and watching fight vids encourages volience and murder. The should only be 24/7 policing on child porn and rape vids but it wouldnt work cause they will just mve to a country in eastern europe where everyone is on the take, which they do already. Its not my problem if parenst arent doing their job and monitoring what they are doing, fucksake how many spy programs is there to monitor computers silenty.
12 years ago
The news is right!!!!!!!!! After watching the fake violence in Palestine I immediatley began throwing rocks at police officers.
12 years ago
that is some funny shit, the girl at the end totally horizontal.....dumb limey broads
12 years ago
i miss the merry go rounds here in the usa. Too many people would get fucking hurt on those things so all the playgrounds pretty much just ripped them out so they would not get sued. Sad fucking state of being if you tell me.

12 years ago
So.... How many children have scooters or motorcycles powerful enough to reproduce this stunt anyway? Kinda missed that aspect did we media fear mongerers?
12 years ago
those internet sites and mobile phones are actually the best tools to reduce the number of idiots in our society.
12 years ago
Nah, instead of getting rid of these stunts, they should continue posting them: if people that watch these vids are stupid enough to copy them they should most certainly be encouraged to do so...thereby reducing the number of morons in a society (j/k).

Seriously tho, its not the internet that's the problem- its the parents who didn't take enough responsibility in caring for their kids. The only reason why you see so many news/community programmes on this "controversial" topic is because no-one likes to admit that they are the ones who are wrong- its always someone else's fault.

On a side note: I in no-way endorse social Darwinism, as it is complete and utter bullshit that has no scientific/logical/rational merit what-so-ever.
12 years ago
Hey mopeds can be bought for next to nothing, i could probly walk out my door and get one for 50 euro now. The little fuckers fly around on them where i live on them all the stolen or what not,

(disclamer do not do the following)

evey kid knows all you have to do is pull off the front caseing and unplug the connection at the ignition and hey presto it kick starts.
12 years ago
i still think its great
12 years ago
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