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Poor Olivia

Olivia's father can't figure out why she's despondent during their summer bicycle rides.


by Dick_Richards

submitted April 29th 2015

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Poor Olivia
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Well, fuck me there's a watermark.
3 years ago
I'll bet it smells like ass too.
3 years ago
But can she taste it?
3 years ago
Downwind sure.
3 years ago
She does look like an olivia
3 years ago
And to her horror, dad had eatin a pile of egg Mcmuffins earlier that morning for breakfast and at that moment she could feel a thick, warm breath caress her face. It made her eyes water and seemed to stick to her skin and get tangeld in her hair. Six more miles to go...
3 years ago
try hard 3: try hard with a vengeance
3 years ago
The fart was hot and thick and the smell would make a mortician gag.
"Sorry about that Olivia, you know daddy loves his White Castle"
She knew her father was a good man with a big heart but she still hated him, and hated god.
" You might want to run some paper through that pops." she said, turning her head to the side, looking at all the happy people driving in their cars. People who didnt have to eat juicy farts on a daily basis. She hated them too.
"Oh shoot Olive, I didnt spackle you again, did I?"
She thought about her mom and her moms smile, how she always seemed to smell like flowers... But then her peacefull thought vanished as her dad ripped one so violent that it made her teeth raddle.
"Oh man, Im glad i carry spare underwear"
She thought about unbuckling herself and falling into traffic...
3 years ago
There is no worse stench on earth than a slippery, slimy White Castle shit the day after. The farts are a close second.
3 years ago
Hungover beer shits are pretty bad.
3 years ago
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