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Aussie jockey loses his/her/its pants


Blake Shinn is a weird man. Woman. Hermaphrodite. I can't tell.


by itsmadeofpeople

submitted April 26th 2015

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That should have been a void race, the jockeys behind him were looking straight at the moon.
3 years ago
Just looking at the still of it, it actually looks like a fake rubber arse, maybe he lost a bet and was dared to do it. I'm in the bookies a lot, and i've never seen a jockey ride bare arsed.
3 years ago
it's an aussie arse, they all look rubbery
3 years ago
all over I mean. inb4 I've seen lots of aussie men's arse
3 years ago
I'm not sure of the texture of peoples arses in Australia, but i'll take your wot=rd for it. Although have a good look at it, there is not a hair in sight.
3 years ago
heh, maybe saddle chafing removes it
3 years ago
then again, they don't spend much time sitting in the saddle do they?
3 years ago
Possible, or he could have bought the no no razor, and given his arse a thorough going over before getting in the saddle, and on that note i'm off, when you are discussing mens arses, i think it's time to call it a day.
3 years ago
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